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SGZ has been released - based on the old SoundGen utility, SoundGenZ (SGZ) was rebuilt from the ground up and allows you to create chiptunes using the PCE. Free download, complete with a manual and tutorial.

Several other new PCE efforts are in development and will be revealed/annoinced throughout 2021. Stay tuned.

Welcome to MindRec.com!

Here at MindRec, we do web stuff: shopping carts, web hosting, dynamic HTML delivery [Perl, PHP], and database integration. We also do dynamic content through the use of Java, ShockWave and DHTML and work with partners to guarantee that your site is functional, looks the way you want it to and delivers the message that you intend to send.

We also do PC Engine Coding and Music to pass time when we could be sleeping.

5 September, 2014
Hypernova Blast is ready for release! On Monday the 8th of Septmber, MindRec's first new PCEngine/TurboDuo game in 10 years will be released. You can read all about the game at the Hypernova Blast website and even pre-order the title there. After the game is released, it will be available for ordering in the MindRec store as well.

17 June, 2014
Hypernova Blast is in final beta testing! HNB is the latest PCEngine game from MindRec, and is slated for a release in the Aug-Sept timeframe.

10 December, 2010
Happy Holidays! We end the year the same way it started, ... with not much action. However, there is big news coming very soon. A sneak preview is available over on XYMATI.COM. Yes, Xymati has risen form the dead is on track to make its world wide debut in 2011. You can see a few Youtube videos and stay in touch with the Xymati Develpment Team for all the latest news.

15 January, 2010
Not a lot new in the PCE Department, however, my second iPhone project, and first iPhone game is approved and available for sale in the Apple Apps Store. Pop on over to http://hextic.btgarner.com for all the details a direct link into the iTunes store to buy it.

17 February, 2006
Some new stuff going on....A discussion site has been setup for folks to get involved with the MindRec RPG effort. Meteor Blaster DX Signature Edition is shipping. This is your chance to get one of the last copies of Metoer Blaster and to have the title scrren of MB customized for you. Also, some new PCE stock has been acquired and will be included in the updated MindRec store -- included in the stock is a copy of Sapphire (now sold), Mad Stalker, Renny Blaster and God Panic. As many have noticed, the old mindrec blog had to be removed to to it being overrun by blog comment spammers. A new one is up, but a lot of info from the old one is no longer available. Hopefully some updated info will be posted there soon. And finally, the return of the Turbo and Saturn (now Sega) email lists.

03 March, 2005
Lots of new PCE Development stuff -- check out the MindRec Blog for details, images and evena downlaodable PCE Rom of the first early alpha of the RPG that we have been working on.

05 September, 2004
MindRec.com Store Update.
The MindRec.com Store has been switched over to Paypal for online payments, versus Yowcow. Too many persons were having problems with using Yowcow, and Yowcow was also double dipping (meaning that you had to pay them to put money in *and* take money out) on the funds. I hope that this helps things out.

01 August, 2004
Meteor Blaster DX Update.
Meteor Blaster DX is released! You can purchse it from many on-line retailers, or from the MindRec.com Store.

14 June, 2004
Meteor Blaster DX Update.
Well, nothing tends to go smoothly...there have been several hangups in getting the CDs to me. You can keep up to date on the status of the Meteor Blaster CDs by following along in the MindRec Blog section (in the menu).

17 February, 2004
SoundGen -- The PCE Sound Generation Tool from MindRec is released. Go and download your copy here. Included with SoundGen is the PCE SND Library, that allows you to include your sound effects into a HuC PCE Project.

03 October, 2003
Meteor Blaster -- The Latest PCE Game from MindRec is released. Go and download your copy From Here, as well as from other PCE web sites.

09 September, 2003
New Website -- today MindRec rolled out the new web site. We understand that it is a little slow in loading for some people and are working to remedy the situation as soon as possible.

01 September, 2002
Implode -- the first new SCD for the PCEngine & Turbo Duo in over 5 years is released by MindRec. For details and information on ordering, Look Here.

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