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MindRec Store Update!

The MindRec Store has been updated with the new 2013 re-release of Meteor Blaster DX. Lower prices on most items and the return of Implode and the MindRec game pack can also be found in the store. (MB re-release is set for early June, you can pre-order now).

Pop on over to http://hextic.btgarner.com and play Hextix on your smart phone. No longer a pay for app, it's free, enjoy!

Free Download: LOOP2

Loop 2, previously only available on the Meteor Blaster DX Signature Edition SCD is now available as a free download. Go to the PCE Projects section to download Loop 2! wi

Catalog Title Format Condition Price  
BTCD0201 Implode Duo SCD new $10.00
BTCD1303 Meteor Blaster DX (2013 re-release) Duo SCD new $20.00
BTCDPACK Meteor Blaster DX (2013 re-release)... Duo SCD new $27.00
RHCD2004 Burai 2 PCE SCD used $15.00
ICCD3003 Eiyuu Sankokushi PCE SCD used $10.00
HCD2037 Far East of Eden (Tengei Makyu): Ziria PCE SCD used $10.00
SHVC-VX J League Super Soccer SFamicom Cart used $10.00
SHVC-P-AJSJ J League Super Soccer '95 SFamicom Cart used $10.00
JCCD0002 Magical Dinosaur Tour PCE CD used $10.00
HECD3004 Nemurenumori No Chiisana Ohanashi PCE SCD used $10.00
CJCD4004 Pachio Kun 3 PCE SCD used $10.00
IGCD4008 Pro Baseball Super '94 (The) PCE SCD used $10.00
SHVC-P-AE7J Super Power League 4 SFamicom Cart used $10.00
TJCD2030 Travel Epule PCE SCD used $25.00
SXCD2001 Yawara! PCE SCD used $10.00

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Please note that international orders with unsealed titles
may have the jewel cases replaced with jewelsleeves in order
to keep shipping costs down.

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