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SGZ has been released - based on the old SoundGen utility, SoundGenZ (SGZ) was rebuilt from the ground up and allows you to create chiptunes using the PCE. Free download, complete with a manual and tutorial.

Several other new PCE efforts are in development and will be revealed/annoinced throughout 2021. Stay tuned.

What is Crash? Crash is one of the first home brew games made for the PCEngine (TurboGrafx, TurboDuo in the United States). It is currently going through the final phase of "Beta" (that means you may find a few bugs). This current version offers many signifigant changes over the older one.

title screen for CRASH In Crash you drive a blue car (well, it starts off blue, through the options menu you can customize your car's color), and your nemesis drives a red car (unless you select the appropiately named INSANE mode, then you'll have to see for yourself what color car your enemy is driving). Your goal is to collect all the dots in the maze.
Your controls are pretty straight forward, use your controller to move up, down, left and right as the playing field permits you to move; and use your controller buttons for added speed (or slowing down, make your granny proud!) game screen for CRASH
um crashing, in CRASH Your game is over when all of your cars have crashed. As the game progresses, your enemy (the red car, remember?) will get progressively faster, until he is ultimately going so fast that it is impossible to go any further since he'll basically warp to directly in front of where you are (hey, if you do get that far in the game, perhaps another hobby is in order for you).
New features include:
  • Options Menu
  • Improved Graphics
  • Better control in the game
  • Intermission screens
  • and much more...
Intermission 1 in CRASH
Game Over in CRASH

You can download crash by going here.

You can contact the author of Crash by sending email to Bt Garner

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