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MindRec Store Update!

The MindRec Store has been updated with the new 2013 re-release of Meteor Blaster DX. Lower prices on most items and the return of Implode and the MindRec game pack can also be found in the store. (MB re-release is set for early June, you can pre-order now).

Pop on over to http://hextic.btgarner.com and play Hextix on your smart phone. No longer a pay for app, it's free, enjoy!

Free Download: LOOP2

Loop 2, previously only available on the Meteor Blaster DX Signature Edition SCD is now available as a free download. Go to the PCE Projects section to download Loop 2! wi

What is Orbit? Orbit is a new demo program for the PCEngine (and TurboGrafx--16) systems. There's not a lot to do here, but it makes a nice screen saver.

title screen for ORBIT Orbit features 7 celestial bodies; 6 smaller multicolored ones that rotate around a larger (white) one. Each of the smaller satellites has an independent orbital plane (which also rotates around the main body).
You can control the speed of the larger body's orbit by pressing the left and right directional keys, the speed of the smaller bodies is controlled by pressing the up and down keys. Pressing the II button stop the rotational plane of the smaller bodies (that is, the will move in a cirle around the larger body, as opposed to the normal spherical pattern they follow). The paths of all bodies on screen are calculated in real time (well, maybe not the body of the Pause Girl; but you know what I mean). screen for ORBIT
Pause Screen in Orbit You can "pause" the action by pressing the Run button during the demo. Hitting the Select button will bring up a shameless self promotion screen. There is also a hidden background that can (easily) be turned on and off, and also a super sekret (and slightly naughty) background which is more difficult to invoke. Good luck trying to find them.

You can download orbit by going here.

You can contact the author of Orbit by sending email to Bt Garner

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