SGX2 (SoundGenX2) is an internal set of applications used by MindRec to create Chiptune music. At the heart is the SGX and SGX2 creator files. These files allow for heavy customization of music via keys, tempo, song length, and patterns. The programs then output raw data that can be fed to the SGX2 Player harness (pictured).

Although the SGX suite of tools are not meant for end users, the output can be appreciated by gamers and chiptune enthusists. Necause of this, SGX2 is not available for public release.

MindRec is proud to offer unique chiptune data to other PCE developers. If you are working on a project where chiptunes are desired, reach out to us and we can determine if our SGX2 Suite of tools can help. In most cases we can provide a limited number of free chiptune songs that you are welcome to use in your projects (we ask only that proper credit be given to MindRec).

screenshot for SGX2

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